Rock Odyssey delivers a high energy professional performance with an authentic classic rock sound. 

We perform classic hits as close to the original recorded track as possible, guitar riffs and all. With over 100 song choices, you can count on hearing tunes that no one else is performing on the Central Coast. 

Our home base is the Central Coast town of Arroyo Grande, California. Rock Odyssey has performed at local venues and events on the Central Coast since 2017, our latest event being for the Grover Beach Sizzlin' Concert Series on July 9, 2023.

We play those unforgettable rock and roll cover tunes that you know and love. Songs from Tom Petty, Pat Benatar, Bad Company, Blondie, and Journey just to name a few. We will have your audience singing and dancing from start to finish! 



What an amazing performance tonight...I took my family to see Rock Odyssey for the first time and they loved them. These performers are a must see... Great artist and performers. I cannot wait to see them again. Great song selections! I was rockin' and smiling the whole night.” - Alex Caballero Sr

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